Saturday, 2 January 2016

Knowledge is The Power

School Activity (In Apprentice)

    In the beginning since I was 4 years old, I get accustomed to wanting to know about knowledges especially English Language. When I was at 11th Class I get used to going to the library and I'm into reading books about "Intelligence". Howard Gardner states every human being has one or more of 9 intelligences ( I'm going to post next time about intelligences that are stated by Howard Gardner).
I believe in God that every human has Strength and Weakness but the weaknesses can be covered by our Strengths.
    One of Principles is Be-Do-Have which "Be" means Being what we want to aim from now, "Do" means Doing or Taking Action right away as well as we can, "Have" means Finally we have what we want to aim if we've done both "Be" and "Do".
    I have a piece of advice at the end of my post, namely we mustn't forget our parent's good cause when we're born they've been taking care of us till now. So, without them we can't be like ourselves right now.

See you next post bye :-D

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