Saturday, 7 November 2015

I Love London Forever

Sounds weird?! (Look at the Title of this Post) Why Could it happen? I'm as a indonesian but I love London, I even would love to devote for My Love Country "England". So many people said that london is Expensive, Cold, Rainy, Crowded. However, I don't judge from negative aspect, even don't care so much about it. Above all, the reason I love London because of my vision is "Wanting to live in london gladly". Also, I Like the cultures as well as the people :-D . I'm exicted about the cultures, but it doesn't mean I don't love my country (Indonesia). As I said I have aGoals Like Others normally. Thus, One of My wishes is "I want to live in london Forever Gladly. :)

I love london. I'm gonna visit london someday.
Oh! My God Almighty please help me. I wanna go there.
Wanting to go to London :0

-Better Late Than Never
-Fortune favors The Bold

Bye.. Bye... See you next post!


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